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Find the Best Whiteboard Cleaner in Texas

Since the last seventeen years, we have been offering the best quality whiteboard cleaner in Texas. We, at Solutions MB Inc, have invested years in research to make the best quality and environment-friendly whiteboard cleaners.

Permanent Marker Eraser
Permanent Marker Eraser For Whiteboards
Whiteboard Cleaner - MB10W
Whiteboard Cleaner 250ml Bottle

White Board Coating / Paint - MB4000W
Whiteboard Coating / Paint 250ml/8oz

Graffiti Remover
Graffiti Remover 1 Ltr/32 oz

Anti Graffiti Coating / Paint
Anti Graffiti Coating 1L/32 oz


How we made it

  • We use the inorganic compounds that are odorless and are environmentally-friendly.
  • It was really a great challenge to find the right pigment. So, we made it ourselves so that the inorganic solvents work properly and do not stain the surface.
  • Instead of using polymer, we made an inorganic resin. This inorganic resin is less cohesive than polymer, so, they can be used for wiping the whiteboards even after a long period of time.
  • Unlike the resins used by other whiteboard cleaners in Texas, our resin also acts like a release agent that does not have any oily residue. The oily residue buildup is responsible for smudging and ghosting.

Why choose our products?

  • We offer the friendliest, odorless, refillable non-toxic dry whiteboard eraser.
  • Our main motto is to offer you quality products at the most competitive prices. We never compromise with the quality to give you a cheap product.
  • We offer the best quality whiteboard paint in Texas that you can simply apply to your pre-painted wall to make it colorful.
  • Our whiteboard erasers are not only user-friendly and long-lasting, but they are also environment-friendly.
  • We have invested several years in research to offer you the best quality whiteboard cleaning products.
  • In order to make the dry eraser environment-friendly, we re-created the dry erase that was invented in the year 1975 by Jerry Wolf.

So buy Solutions MB Inc.'s whiteboard cleaners, and keep your white-board stain-free and long-lasting.